Multiprens stocks Series E Track. Logistic E Track is available in painted or galvanized finishes. E Track is manufactured in 10’ sections and can be ordered in special lengths upon request. Logistic Track will work with all E and A fittings, Beam Sockets and Decking Beams.

Installation: Multiprens Track can be installed with screws, rivets or by welding. The vehicle manufacturer or an experienced installer should determine exact mounting method.

6200-10 Horizontal E Track Painted 10ft Section

Weight: 7.55 kgs/16.6 lbs

6201-10 Horizontal E Track Galvanized 10ft Section

Weight: 7.55 kgs/16.6 lbs

Note: All ratings for Series E fittings are based on using Multiprens USA track (P/N 6200-10 or P/N 6201-10). Ratings may be reduced when fittings are used in other tracks.